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A joint venture between
In collaboration with
Conception and Scenarisation:
Phoebe Greenberg
Felix Lajeunesse
Paul Raphaël
Marie Brassard

Artistic Direction Collaborator:
Marie Brassard
Creative Director:
Annabelle Fiset
Guest Artist, Concept and Composition:
Ryoji Ikeda
Executive Leadership
Executive Producers:
Eric Albert
Stéphane Rituit

Chief Technology Officer:
Pierre Blaizeau
Chief Financial Officer:
Marie-Chantal Ménard
Julie Tremblay
Touring Producer:
Kerri Drake

Interactive and Cinematographic VR
Creative and Artistic Directors:
Felix Lajeunesse
Paul Raphaël

Digital Head of Interactivity:
Rustle Hill

Interactive Experience Producer:
Coline Delbaere
Interactive Production Managers:
Joëlle Boulianne
Liliane Hudecova

Technology Project Manager:
Noémie Forestier
Technical Project Manager:
Mathieu Désert
Cinematographic Editorial Support:
Simon-Emmanuel Roux
François Beaupré-Goulet
Charles Tranquille
Jimmy Hayes

Cinematographic Head of Post-Production:
Jacques Levesque
Cinematographic Post-Production Producers:
Eleonore Tuvache
Joëlle Boulianne

Cinematographic Post-Production Manager:
Liliane Hudecova

3D Generalist:
Kim Fredette
3D Generalist and Art Director:
Ran Sieradzki
Unreal Technical Director:
Tanya Desjardins de Libero
Interactive Application Developers:
Alex Quevillon
Chris Goossen

Interactive VR Technologist:
Thomas Azoug
System Lead Developer:
Stephane Goyette
Vincent Bilodeau
Senior Generalist Programmer:
Éric Desjardins

Core Technologies Group:
Florent Cohen
Lead QA:
Kevon Romain

Sound and Music Supervision provided by:
Headspace Studio
Sound Supervisor:
Jean-Pascal Beaudoin
Lead Technical Sound Designer:
Viktor Phoenix
Frederic Begin
Dialogue Editor:
Mike Ritchie

This project was created with the participation of the following astronauts and cosmonauts:
NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration:
Anne McClain
Christina Hammock Koch
Nick Hague
Jessica Meir
Andrew R. Morgan
Victor J. Glover
Christopher Cassidy
Douglas Gerald Hurley
Robert Louis Behnken
Kathleen Rubins
Shannon Walker
Michael S. Hopkins

Canadian Space Agency:
David Saint-Jacques

European Space Agency:
Luca Parmitano

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency:
Soichi Noguchi

Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre:
Hazzaa AlMansoori
Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities:
Oleg Dmitriyevich Kononenko
Aleksey Nikolayevich Ovchinin
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Skvortsov
Oleg Ivanovich Skripochka
Sergey Nikolayevich Ryzhikov
Sergey Vladimirovich Kud-Sverchkov
Anatoli Alekseyevich Ivanishin
Ivan Viktorovich Vagner
Space Centers:
The ISS US National Laboratory
Canadian Space Agency
Roscosmos State
Corporation For Space Activities
Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency
European Space Agency

VR Operations
Technology Director:
Marc-André Nadeau

VR Operation Coordinator:
Joël Guerin-Simard
Monitoring System Developer:
Thomas Azoug

Monitoring Interface provided by:
Visitor Experience Manager:
Nancy Hameder
VR Technicians:
Jeremy Felker
Jonathan Hardy
Dominic Pagé
Madison Dinelle
Samuel Comtois

Laurent Monnier
Video Artist, Vortex:
George Fok
Computer Graphics and Programming for Ryoji Ikeda:
Norimichi Hirakawa
Ryo Shiraki
Tomonaga Tokuyama

Light Designer:
Etienne Boucher

Production Manager:
Valérie Gareau
Isabelle Brodeur

Production Coordinator:
Laurence Dupont

Technical Director:
Nicolas Jobin
Sylvain Tessier

Assistant Technical Director:
Michael Lefebvre
Sound Technical Director:
David Simard
Multimedia Consultant:
Erick Villeneuve
UV Station Developer and Technical Procurement:
Frédéric Segard

Construction provided by:
Scène Éthique

Thank you to our set fabrication collaborators:
Raphael Brien Bannière Gréage et Structure inc
Studio Artefact
Technical Equipment provided by:
Creative Lab
Espace 3D
Show Distribution

Technical Integration provided by:

Marketing & Public Relations
Marketing Director:
Scarlett Martinez

Marketing Strategist & Lead:
Joanne Tremblay

Content Marketing Manager:
Claudia Guerra

Marketing Producer:
Sarah Rochefort

Chief, New Media Partnerships and PR:
Myriam Achard

Public Relations Project Manager:
Pierre-Olivier Marinier Leseize

Artistic Director:
Michel Ouellette

Communications Agent:
Andrew Gray

Business Development
Director, Business Development:
Mikael Chagnon
Manager, Business Development:
Tim Salaun
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