CNET – 'The Infinite' VR Is the Closest You'll Feel to Space Without Floating

By Joan E. Solsman | April 11, 2022

I am drifting inside the International Space Station, an apparition floating from one compartment to the next. A constant mechanical thrum pulses like a heartbeat in my ears, but the station has the stillness of nighttime. I'm surrounded by details to explore, but I'm on a mission. I want to find the famous cupola, the geometrically windowed spot with my best chance of glimpsing our blue marble from 250 miles above.

Regrettably, though, I'm not literally floating. Mine was a virtual sojourn on the ISS, thanks to a massive in-person virtual reality installation called The Infinite. Donning a headset and stepping into an open space bigger than a basketball court, you encounter The Infinite's main attraction, a life-sized replica of the ISS that's yours to explore.

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